Prepreg carbon

100% Carbon Fibre parts, from production runs to one off


Removal of UV damage and clear coating with optional tints

Damage Repairs

We can repair scuffs, splits and cracks

 Our products are made from high temperature prepreg for optimum weight saving, strength and UV stability.

Superior to OE quality, all our parts are finished in a UV filtered clear coat system.

We do not use any fibreglass in our carbon fibre products.

Bespoke Options
Blank s3 dashboard
All of our products are manufactured in house.
This means we can do straight, diagonal, V weave orientations or even custom designs.
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Improved design
Wrap around stone guard
Our wrap around stone guards are an improvement to the 'Millwood' ones on the market.
Ours are manufactured in prepreg carbon, and are taller to cover the area prone for damage
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Collection list

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Other Services


A cost effective option for bespoke parts is to have your original part skinned.

We add a layer of real carbon fibre to your part, to give the quality look and feel of carbon fibre where weight saving is not essential.

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bespoke finishes

Our prepreg products can be finished in gloss or matte, or a combination of both.

Our skinned products can be finished in a soft to touch finish, gloss or matte or a combination of both.


coloured carbon

Our coloured carbon is exceptional because we do not use carbon with dyed polyester strands, that is only suitable for infused or wet lay. Our colouring system is able to be applied to both our skinned and prepreg parts.

We can colour carbon in any one of 16 different candy colours or a combination of them.