Who is Classic Carbon


Classic Carbon came about in 2017 after discussions with a fellow Caterham owners at our local meets in Dorset and Hampshire, and it quickly became clear there was a shortage of quality made carbon fibre parts for these vehicles.

Attending the Stoneleigh kit car show compounded this further,with the poor availability standing out among the other marques, it made me review my direction.

Being familiar with prepreg carbon fibre on a marine aspect, building carbon fibre davits at a local boat builders, I returned to the principles and materials and found that things had moved on and what is available was great quality and can achieve what I looking for.

So with quality being our main focus, we started on this journey to get to where we are now.

We still have a long way to go, and never truly believe that we will know everything, but always evolving, developing and striving to achieve to be the best products on the market.

With exception to our clear coating system that has to be imported from the other side of the world, all our supplies are UK based and everything we do is manufactured in the UK, from the carbon, to the neoprene fitting kits and the aluminium headlamp fittings. 

Our quality is never compromised with cheap materials or processes, so you don't find fibreglass with our carbon, or only laid in one direction, it can be made bespoke to your requirements, no compromises.

We are proud to be working with some great distributors like Sevens and Classics, who hold a variety of our products in stock and a few others in coming months.

If you want the best product, then there's no comparison.