Headlight Bowls 5.75" in prepreg

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We are pleased to be able to offer our 5.75" headlamps in 100% pre-preg carbon fibre.


These parts are manufactured from 100% pre-preg 'dry' carbon fibre, with a polished finish, and excellent weave patterns without distortion.
Our headlights come complete with no drilling, cutting or riveting required and the base is moulded attached to the main bowl, so they take the weight of heavier LED units through the whole bowl. 
We supply a new set of aluminum fittings so not only are these lighter than the steel and brass original ones, but it means you can keep the old ones to swap back when you upgrade or sold to contribute to the cost. 
All our carbon fibre products are manufactured without a clear gelcoat, giving the product sharp weaves and great durability.

For a flawless finish, we recommend applying a clear coat in either a gloss or matt finish for improved optics and optimum weather protection, This is available to choose at the time of order.

We can also offer you the LED upgrade from 'Just add lightness', these can be ordered and assembled together before dispatching.

Because of variances in thickness of the lip on the standard lens, LED units from JAL/Caterham, and other brands, we recommend bonding the units to the outer ring with something suitable such as Sikaflex 221.

If you are unfortunate to damage the front of the lens at anytime, and the light is bonded to the ring we are happy to supply you with a replacement ring free of charge.

These headlights are supplied with new fittings in aluminium, so not only are they significantly lighter than the steel and brass fittings, it also means you can sell on the originals complete.

Please note: All of our products are handmade upon order. This process can lead to minor deviations from part to part.


Our products are usually made to order. However, we are working to hold stock, so the delivery time is expecting to be a lot shorter.


If you are under a short time scale, please advise us, as we maybe able to point you to one of our distributors who may have stock ready to go.


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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers and to provide social proof.

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