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Pair of rear fog and reverse light wedges

We are pleased to be able to offer our rear light box wedges in 100% pre-preg carbon fibre, These mount behind the reverse and fog lamp in place of the rubber wedge found on some cars.
These parts have been specifically designed to fit the Caterham and Lotus 7 models. With consideration to the painted bodywork, these are supplied with a rubber seal on the mounting face.
We can also supply new replacement boxes, inners and lenses. If ordered at the same time, we will assemble these for you prior to delivery.
All parts are manufactured from 100% pre-preg carbon fibre and cured in an autoclave after being reversed filled, then polished to a high finish.
The Caterham and Lotus 7 are the embodiment of quality and lightness, so why compromise with anything but the best.

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